CAN II Ag Management provides and manages a skilled workforce for growers throughout California’s Central Valley. We ensure that our workers are skilled and safe as they help local growers achieve long-term growth. We endeavor to create a great workplace and comprehensive support system for our workers so they achieve peak performance on the job.

Our Workforce

We know that a happy worker produces their best work. We value every member of our workforce, making every effort to support them as they achieve the goals of our growers. Accurate payroll, comprehensive job training, safety training, and other programs ensure that our workers are motivated and supported as they work on the job. We create meaningful relationships with each of our employees, fostering a sense of community between our office management and the on-site teams.

Our Management

Our management team focuses on keeping growers and employees in compliance with ever-changing regulations. Letting them focus on business growth. Our management team ensures OSHA compliance and injury management, providing comprehensive first-aid and CPR training to workers so they’re prepared for the unexpected. Our payroll department oversees the management and distribution of payroll, accurately and efficiently recording time and attendance. As you grow your business, we are here to manage your workforce.

Cantu Ag Management